DEADLY D's "Plant the SEADD Tour 2018" Day 2


"Plant the SEADD Tour 2018"


Day 2: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Only our 2nd day here in Vietnam and we are already completely blown away by the amount of hospitality we've received! The local Hip Hop community welcomed us right in with open arms and made us feel right at home. So much love here it's crazy. We were invited to DJ and freestyle with the local Heads at Cipherz Coffee in District 1 and what ensued was pure magic. From turntable skills, style on the mic, graffiti art to the most unbelievable B-Boy breakdancing we've ever witnessed, experiencing the talent here being paired with such humility is extremely difficult to put into words.. 

Big shout out to Francois Babelaere for linking us up with Cipherz Coffee Shop, Thái Bình Dương and the rest of the Ass Kicking Crew!! None of this would be possible without our friends Matt Carr & Juraj Špakovský for housing us and introducing us to this amazing place!!!

Day 3 footage of the "Ass Kicking Jam 2018" B-Boy Summit coming soon!

Deadly D "Plant the SEADD Tour",
Signing off