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Corner 2 Corner (feat. YONAS & Davin Michael Stedman) (LYRIC VIDEO)

San Francisco 2017. We were on tour but for how much longer was the question. The night before, right in the middle of our show, our van was broken into. We lost so much that we had to consider turning back. Only 5 days deep into a month on the road. Staying one more night ended up the deciding factor in pressing on. We had no gig and one of our favorite rappers happened to be in town from NY. As fate would have it, we actually linked up and kicked it all night. From deep talks about life to drunken freestyles on the street corner we became friends. Fast forward a few years later and it’s my great honor to present the song we did together! Davin Michael Stedman of the legendary Staxx Brothers even came thru on this one.

Moral of the story and this song: yes the world can be a big, mean place but all of that is most definitely, without a doubt out-weighed by the beauty of it. There’s no better way to learn about who you are and what you are capable of than to step out and explore it.

DEADLY D - Lucid Dreaming (Official Music Video)

A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are indeed, dreaming. Becoming fully conscious of this, the participant now has the ability to try and take control of the environment within said dream, altering the course of its narrative as they see fit. Dreams are fickle. Goals are stubborn. All we can do is take hold of the reins and try our best to steer this ornery thing called life towards the direction that we see fit. And let it know that it's in for one helluva fight.

Shot by Gary Bird during Deadly D's 2018 tour of SE Asia, the footage was taken on a small, secluded island in Halong Bay, Northern Vietnam. "Lucid Dreaming" marks the 1st single from the upcoming album "Til the Fight's Finished", due out the summer of 2019.

SHANTY DWELLERS “Fellowship of the Player Pimps”

On this date exactly 1 year ago the world was introduced to the Shanty Dwellers. The Fellowship was banded and the world was forever changed. To commemorate this monumentous occasion we're dropping a new music video! With the help of our fellow Dwellow and esteemed Shantyville alumni Pancake, we give you "Fellowship of the Player Pimps"! Take a little trip with us down memory lane and catch a quick peek into the world of Shantyville!

BrodieNaion 018

As always, this year's BrodieNation Music Festival was beyond EPIC. The bonds that forge during such an amazing time at such an incredible place never cease to inspire and uplift. Here's just a wee glimpse of that magic captured by our brother Jesse Schooler!

DEADLY D - Mellow Mood (Official Music Visual)

This song right here is all about spreading good vibes & positivity. Wherever you may find yourself in life, there's always a lil more room for both! Footage comes from a recent trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico with my favorite travel buddy.

Stay mellow, stay smooth, stay cool, stay golden y'all.

Produced by TJ "Laces" Lacey of 1 Shot Studio

Stevey B of the Deadly D's new album "Til' the Fight's Finished" coming soon!!!

Deadly D's "Plant the SEADD Tour" at Cipherz Coffee Shop (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

DEADLY D's "Plant the SEADD Tour 2018" Day 2:

Only our 2nd day here in Vietnam and we are already completely blown away by the amount of hospitality we've received! The local Hip Hop community welcomed us right in with open arms and made us feel right at home. So much love here it's crazy. We were invited to DJ and freestyle with Ass Kicking Crew at Cipherz Coffee in District 1 and what ensued was pure magic. From turntable skills, style on the mic, graffiti art to the most unbelievable B-Boy breakdancing we've ever witnessed, experiencing the talent here being paired with such humility is extremely difficult to put into words.. 

DEADLY D - Jive Turkey (Official Music Video)

Can we take a minute to talk about a very pressing concern of mine? This is an issue that's effected us all at some point or another. Each one of us has been subjected to the mistreatment of a certain type of individual who seems intent on diminishing our mood, blowing our buzz, killing our vibe.. I am of course, talking about "Jive Turkeys". And I for one think we've let this problem go unaddressed long enough. I'm putting my foot down. Just so you all know how super serious I am, I even cloned myself to really help hammer the point home. Download the new mixtape "The Long Shot" rightchea

DEADLY D - Saucy (feat. Shanty Dwellers) (Official Music Video)

This flavorful lil' diddy crafted by a handful of hip hop artisans surely packs one helluva wallop! Apply at your own discretion.. Over consumption may lead to excessive amounts of boogying down! Video shot & edited by Jesse Schooler of Action Videography. Song available for steaming & download here 

DEADLY D - Gone Wrong (Offical Music Video)

Song available for free download. Lately I've felt the need to make a statement. I feel strongly about this topic and couldn't sit quiet about it any longer. To do so would be taking the easy route. I love this country and everything it claims to stand for but in my eyes we are not succeeding in achieving them.

KING NYNE - Oompa (Official Music Video)

featuring Stevey B, Hexx, Santino Noir, Shonie, Blaze Hunter & Chief Chief

When Hiphop is in peril, it is up to the guardians to secure the last remaining warriors of Hiphop that have been sealed in a powerful orb. The architects of the industry want to destroy the remaining creative minds locked in the orb, so that they may dumb down society and manipulate the minds of the masses. 
As the battle rages on! The courier is dead and it is now up to The Ancients to defend the orb against the Architects power agents and ninja assassins. 
Will the ancients conquer these deadly adversaries? Or will Hiphop as we know it….perish?

DEADLY D - Highway Home (Official Music Video)

Deadly D's "Highway Home" Official Music Video-- Come on a visual journey with us as we venture back into the world that is the 2017 TTFF Tour! We found home in unfamiliar places, serenity through chaos and certainty within the unknown. This is our attempt to capture and share that magic.

DEADLY D - Fire Inside (Official Music Video)

New Deadly D Album "Til the Fight's Finished" coming soon! 
Song by Stevey B of the Deadly D
Video Created by Justin.Snell
Art by Emily Lux/LUXart
Beat Produced by Smoke M2D6
Song Mixed & Mastered by TJ "Laces" Lacey at 1 Shot Studio

SHANTY DWELLERS - Robot (Official Music Video & Mini Documentary

Shanty Dwellers "Robot" live music video/mini documentary!! Footage taken from the recent release party for our new album "Fellowship of the Player Pimps" at Culture Cafe at Kombucha Town Town Dec. 29th 2017! Video shot and edited by Jesse Schooler. C'mon errbody!! Let's get to groovin' & doin' the Robot!!! Shanty Dwellers new album "Fellowship of the Player Pimps" is out now!!!

DEADLY D - Cocaine (Artificial Bliss) (Official Music Video)

Deadly D & Justin Snell present the official music video for "Cocaine (Artificial Bliss)" from their album "Psychology Vol.1"

DEADLY D "Light Side of the Moon" Live from Elko 2017 TTFF Tour

In the spirit of our upcoming tour of SE Asia we put together another video for y'all! Deadly D presents the Mini Documentary & Music Video for "Light Side of the Moon" Live from Elko!! Shot at our last show stop and final day of our 2017 TTFF Tour, we traversed up into Lamoille Canyon to capture these final visuals from our epic journey.

DEADLY D "Ventilation" Live from Salt Lake (2017 TTFF Tour)

To celebrate the year anniversary of our epic 'TTFF Tour 2017' we give you a live performance/music video of our tune "Ventilation". Shot on the shores of Great Salt Lake while we were on the road, the visuals include footage from our very first attempt of shooting with a drone!

Deadly D's "Long Trip to Nowhere"

This is what happens when you buy an aging RV and try to drive it 400 miles down to Oregon on it's maiden voyage.... Shenanigans! Buffoonery!! Tomfoolery!!! Check out our latest visuals: a Gonzo, middle-of-the-action, documentary style video portraying our recent debacle in trying to make a show 7 hours away in a newly purchased, ancient RV. Even if we miss the gig, we still put on a show. Sometimes life tries to dole out an epic fail, but all you can do is turn out an masterful win! Shout out to Jesse Schooler of Action Videography for capturing what would of been an uneventful venture and turning it into something memorable! We're deep into it at this point and wanna thank you all for trudging with us through all the mud and muck! Rollin with the DD sometimes makes for some messy fun.